Why waste screen real estate and other personal observations/bug notes

These are just personal observations. This is also a test post so I can see how this works.

Desktop/Laptop (SRWare Iron Browser): I'm wondering why with the real design, they decided to waste screen real estate. Most laptops have a 1366x768 resolution and you can see websites adapting to that like Bing. It makes no sense other than wanting to support old iPads, in which case an App should be made for those if they don't like the mobile version. The page looks exceptionally bare on a full 1080P resolution however I typically resize windows to half or a little over half width so its basically 1024 width and I do something else on the other side of my screen. Other people like to fullscreen websites but thats just not making the most out of a full monitor. Websites like cheaperthandirt make better use of modern screen real estate. 

Tablet (Nexus 7): Reading looks great. Much better than the previous iteration. Commenting system seems to work okay. This could also be because I've got 1 bar of signal for some reason but images are distorted and it scrolls through pretty choppily.

Mobile (HTC Arrive Windows 7 Phone): Again reading looks great and better than the previous iteration. Commenting is bad. If I press See all 22 replies, I want to see them all listed below or something, not where I see this random "4" and when I tap that, it tries to highlight the number and goes to another page. Then when I tap 3 it takes me back to just a 4. If I tap 4 again when 3 and 4 is listed, nothing occurs. I figured out this is how to go through pages but this is just horrible, was there any UAT (User Acceptance Testing) done on this? This might work better/differently on an iPhone or Android phone, I'm just talking about how it works on my phone.

Latest Post layout: Images need to be resized to be consistent like in Reccommended. There is no good reason to have giant photos which distort the flow of the page and post. 

Commenting Bugs/Observations: 

The two arrows aren't doing anything. I'd think they'd scroll through people comments but clicking them does nothing. Probably a bug but if not, they should just be removed.


Scrolling right, and then back left ends up cutting off the leftmost post while obscuring the rightmost post with a weird non-uniform effect. If this is by design, thats just bad design.


Why can you scroll to where there is no comment? This makes no sense.

I'm not sure if QA Testing was done on the system that notes these things down and their rework is in progress but if not, QA is something you don't want to cheap out on. 

I'm not trying to rant. I've got high hopes for the new system because it seems to have a lot of potential. You've gotta start somewhere. 

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