Seriously, there has to be someone who I can complain to that will actually fucking do something about this place. Their service department is the shadiest piece of shit I have ever dealt with. Yelp reviews also agree, I didn't buy another Honda because of this place and Honda Corporate refuses to do anything.


After they replaced the engine block on my father's 2006 Civic (For free due to a manufacturing defect that nobody heard about) they never seemed to replace the gasket which prevents fumes from going into your cabin. They had complained about the valve cover gasket being cracked and leaking oil when they were changing the block (Which I am 99% sure it wasn't cracked because I had cleaned all the gunk from that engine bay a month before the block crack and there was no oil leaking anywhere. I'm not sure which gasket it is, I haven't spoken in depth to him but our mechanic basically just had to replace a gasket for $60 including labor which means it wasn't anything major at all. Seriously, the Nissan and Hyundai dealerships I deal with are worlds different in terms of service but this place is a damn cesspit.

This doesn't include the time they got black paint spots on the roof of the car.

This doesn't include the time they broke the A/C of an old 2000 Civic when getting an oil change.


This doesn't include the time the guy showed me a fake cabin air filter after I had just replaced it right before getting an oil change.

(Note my two sisters and father drive Civics so its not like I take my own car to this place so many times)


The fact that Honda Corporate refuses to reprimand this place is ultimately what made me flip the bird to Honda and go buy a Sonata.

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