Found the KitchenAid grinder, made 100% Short Rib burgers yesterday. Things to note:

1. Put the blade and the disc in properly before blaming it not working on fat and slicing all the fat off of the meat.


2. These burgers do not pucker up at all, the shape you make is the shape they stay as. Seriouseats has a scientific reason for this. Need to make fatter burgers next time.

3. They seem to require more salt than I'm used to so I need to keep that in mind next time.


4. Less flare ups

5. An overcooked burger (they were so thin, couldn't help it) is still oddly juicy. When you bite into it, you will see the well done meat ooze out juice/grease. VERY COOL considering the family only eats well done burgers.


6. They're crumbly but that could be because I sliced all the fat off and ran the fat through at the end due to my stupid self not actually putting the blade and die on properly.

The texture is really interesting. I need to make them again fatter this time to actually note the taste. I will try again. I bought extra short rib but I'm making some Galbi tonight.


Only did 100% Short Rib to see how it turns out. Will try the "Blue Label Burger Blend" next time.

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